HOPE Offers a Solution that Works.


The Foundation of HOPE addresses the problem of recidivism by offering inmates support and direction both during their incarceration and after their release. Increased capacity to make responsible decisions helps avoid repeat offenses. Since 2002, HOPE has been providing a continuum of care through chaplaincy, pre-release, and aftercare services.

The goals of the program are accomplished through counseling, religious services, discipleship, practical resources and referrals, life skills education within and outside the jail, choice awareness training, and one-on-one mentoring. HOPE serves inmates regardless of their race, age, ethnic background, or faith tradition.


chaplaincy-iconChaplaincy Program

Addressing spiritual, emotional, and physical needs for all inmates of all faiths at the Allegheny County Jail and the Shuman Juvenile Detention Center.     Learn More >


pre-release-iconPre-Release Program

An interfaith, faith-based rehabilitative program that empowers incarcerated individuals to transform their thinking and behaviors, while preparing for their future.     Learn More >


aftercare-iconAftercare Program

Matching newly released inmates with resources, support groups, and mentors, who offer support, guidance, and practical assistance in making a healthy transition back into society.     Learn More >


Youth Diversion Program

A voluntary pre-arrest/pre-booking youth program designed to give young people who commit a non-violent, low-to-medium offense the opportunity to remain in the community while addressing their needs rather than being prosecuted, convicted, or incarcerated. Learn More >


Adult Diversion Program

A voluntary pre-arrest/pre-booking adult program addressing and supporting the mental, social, and physical health of individuals who, under typical circumstances, would be prosecuted in the criminal justice system. Learn More >