“It gave me peace of mind to know that the Diversion Program staff were there for my son.”



Learning from Mistakes

Offering Better Choices and a Second Chance to Succeed.

The HOPE Youth Diversion Program is designed to give young people who commit a non-violent, low-to-medium offense the opportunity to remain in the community while addressing their needs rather than being prosecuted, convicted, or incarcerated.

By partnering with local law enforcement, juvenile probation, Housing Authority City of Pittsburgh, the District Attorney’s Office, identified family members, and other community stakeholders, the program may serve as an alternative to prosecution for eligible youths. This initiative utilizes community-based providers that support evidence-based, outcome-oriented programs and supports trauma-informed care that result in academic success, personal and career development, and good citizenship saving tax payer funds and strengthening the community.

The Youth Diversion Program Helps youths learn from their mistakes through early intervention by:

  • repairing the harm caused to families, victims, and the community;
  • equipping and encouraging them to make responsible decisions;
  • holding them accountable for their actions while ensuring they also make amends for harm caused;
  • recognizing that community-based social services can be an effective intervention for those youths dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues; and
  • encouraging them to fulfill short-term personal goals.
Mentor counseling a juvenile outside

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Youth Diversion Program Brochure
For more information on the Youth Diversion Program, download the brochure.
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