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Encouraging and Supporting on the Outside

Many formerly incarcerated individuals return to jail after their release because they lack informal and formal support systems needed to help them successfully reintegrate back into their communities. HOPE Reentry is an interfaith pre– and post-release program for returning citizens. With a focus on transitional services, HOPE Reentry works with individuals currently incarcerated at the Allegheny County Jail (ACJ) on the HOPE Pod to build those connections that can continue with our HOPE Program on the outside. 

Outside of the ACJ, HOPE Reentry has services for all returning citizens, including intensive case management, peer support, educational and training programs, informational resources, and material assistance, as well as guidance and referrals for employment, housing, and other social services. 

HOPE believes in building support systems around returning citizens, and our Reentry Program does that through the PIRC Movement and by working closely with our HOPE Mentoring Program.  

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Supporting Individuals along Their Journey through Reentry

Foundation of HOPE’s Mentoring Program

The Foundation of HOPE’s Mentoring Program matches individuals incarcerated at the Allegheny County Jail (and formerly incarcerated individuals) with mentors who can support them on a one-to-one basis. Upon release, a mentor continues to meet with their mentee to provide support during their transition back into the community. Mentors work collaboratively with their mentee to develop goals, address practical needs, and walk alongside of their mentee during their journey.

If you have the desire to assist another in overcoming personal barriers and creating space for transformation and would like to learn more about serving as a Foundation of HOPE mentor, please contact Keith Kondrich, Chaplaincy Services Coordinator/Mentoring Program.

PIRC Support Groups

On the outside, our weekly PIRC (Positive Initiative to Reinforce Change) Support Groups provide a safe and welcoming forum for reentrants and their supporters to share resources, network, and address social, intellectual, vocational, spiritual, emotional, environmental, and physical needs.

How You Can Help

The HOPE Reentry Program has provided individuals with resources and support to successfully reconnect with their communities and families in positive and meaningful ways. We rely on the support of others like you to help us make a difference. Find out how you can get involved by sharing your gift of time or financial support.

For more information on the HOPE Reentry Program, contact Dr. Ameela Boyd, Reentry Program Manager.
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