Youth Diversion Program Specialist

Position Description

The person filling this position will be responsible for working with low-level, non-violent youths who reside or commit an offense in or near communities throughout the city of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. The Youth Diversion Program Specialist will assist and complete follow-up phone calls to the participant to schedule an intake/assessment within 24 hours of being referred.

The Youth Diversion Program Specialist will work to ensure that the participants remain engaged, and assist them with challenges and barriers they may encounter while navigating through the continuum of diversion support and services.

Reports to: Youth Diversion Program Coordinator

Status: Full-time

Location: 540 Suismon St., Pittsburgh PA 15212. A portion of time will be spent in the community at locations such as schools, court, and partnering organizations.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Oversee a caseload of youth participants.
  • Assess and develop goal-oriented and time-limited service plans to address identified needs.
  • Provide screening, assessments, orientation to the program and referrals, as needed.
  • Meet with the participant weekly to monitor compliance with their Diversion agreement.
  • Secure, coordinate, and monitor necessary services for individuals involving appropriate professional and paraprofessional staff in programs, through provider agencies, and other community resources.
  • Collaborate with law enforcement, probation officers, the district attorney’s office, and community service providers.
  • Identify, through case management and/or intake services, the full range of individual needs which include medical, psychosocial, vocational, familial, and daily living spheres.
  • Make and track referrals to other community agencies for each participant in file and database.
  • Attend required weekly and monthly meetings and participate in relevant community initiatives and collaborative efforts.
  • Document contacts and services, maintain files and data for reporting purposes.
  • Prepare and submit accurate monthly reports.
  • Demonstrate a clear knowledge of the agency’s established policies and procedures, objectives, and quality assurance as measured by case and file reviews with the supervisor.
  • Design and implement youth diversion prevention and awareness programs for the
  • Public, including schools, community groups, businesses, parents, local government, and the recovery community; Serve as a community consultant.
  • Assist in the development of a Youth Advisory Committee.

Community Outreach

  • Assist in the development and presentation of educational crime prevention programs relating to delinquency, gangs, and substance abuse among youth.
  • Actively participate in community and outreach events focused on youth services for marketing the FOH and relationship building with community partners.
  • Work collaboratively and maintain regular communication with local law enforcement officials.


  • Comply with the Foundation of HOPE’s personnel policies, standards, and procedures.
  • Personally exemplify the values and the mission of HOPE
  • Agree to sign a confidentiality agreement regarding all aspects of client, staff, and HOPE information.
  • Maintain professionalism in communication, personal interactions, and attire.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Strong project management skills
  • Knowledge of the non-profit and human services landscape and referral networks
  • Ability to manage complex and multi-faced programming that creates measurable successes.
  • Skilled in assessments, goal setting, and tracking measurable outcomes.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills — ability to effectively communicate with multiple stakeholders, write impactful narratives, and market the program well.
  • Administratively strong to complete all needed paperwork and reports in a timely manner.


  • Bachelor’s degree in human or social services or related field preferred.
  • At least two years of supervised experience in case management or a related field working with high-risk youth and or young youth populations. Must have a knowledge of the nonprofit and human service landscape and referral networks, and must be culturally competent.
  • Must be able to obtain all applicable clearances.
  • Valid state driver’s license and insurance.


Interested Candidates should email a resume and cover letter to Amy Cooper.
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