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Transforming on the Inside

The HOPE Pre-Release program is an interfaith, faith-based, rehabilitative program for male and female inmates which works in collaboration with key community service providers and volunteers to empower incarcerated individuals to transform their thinking and behaviors, while preparing for their future.

pods-of-hopeOver the course of the program, HOPE Pre-Release participants meet for over 120 hours of group work, requiring full participation and the passing of a final exam. The participants live together on designated housing units and address the following key themes:

  • Addiction and Recovery
  • Anger Management
  • Confronting “Stinking Thinking”
  • Life Skills
  • Parenting
  • Release and Reintegration
  • Spiritual Formation

HOPE Pre-Release Core Values Include:

Respect: We expect participants to care about themselves and others
Responsibility: We expect participants to do what they are supposed to
Integrity: We expect participants to be who they say they are
Productivity: We expect participants to work hard
Perseverance: We expect participants to make positive choices again and again, and wait with hope

HOPE Participants Must:

  1. Actively participate in all sessions of the program
  2. Complete reading and written homework assignments when due
  3. Invest themselves in establishing a relationship of trust and honesty with a mentor if desired
  4. Welcome HOPE to challenge them to grow in their understanding of themselves and their choices
  5. Be open and respectful of all instructors and participants’ faith beliefs and backgrounds

Become an Instructor


A successful instructor is someone who can follow a curriculum and lead a group with compassion and professionalism. HOPE provides trainings and support for all instructors.

Teaching with the HOPE Pre-Release Program requires a significant time investment. We ask instructors to sign a volunteer agreement acknowledging the expectations and commitment.

Instructors must:

  • be comfortable speaking in front of groups;
  • be able to manage group dynamics;
  • be at least 21 years of age;
  • attend required trainings yearly;
  • complete jail clearance paperwork, as required;
  • commit to the program for 1 term at a time (2-3 months);
  • commit to a regular schedule (weekly or bi-weekly participation);
  • follow all jail and program rules and regulations;
  • respect the interfaith nature of the program;
  • read and respond to emails related to volunteering;
  • provide notice when unable to come in for class; and
  • communicate with the Director after each class.

Thanks to the HOPE Pre-Release Program, participants’ knowledge increases in a variety of topics and they prepare for life post-release. During their time in the Pre-Release program, participants experience an increase in spiritual, sociological, and psychological well-being.

How You Can Help

The Foundation of HOPE relies on the support of others like you to help us make a difference. Find out how you can get involved by sharing your gift of time or financial support.

For more information on the HOPE Pre-Release Program, contact: Lizabeth Lepore, director of Pre-Release.

Download Our Pre-Release Program Brochure

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FOH Pre-Release Brochure